Friends of Open Streets

neighbors to connect, tables for specific streets/neighbors. Meet your neighbor, organise project gropus to address issues (pothole, security, painting, etc)

A participant at Co-creating Open Streets wrote on Jul 23, 2014 19:30:

This idea was suggested during the Co-creating Open Streets Event. What do YOU think of it?

Rachael wrote on Apr 01, 2015 10:14:
Joseph, when I turned and saw you still back at your clubs after we all teed off at the 7th and welkad up to the green I figured you'd gone back to follow up with them.What you may not have known and what I did not elaborate in my post is that on the previous hole when I was way off to the right in the trees, a shot probably from the same jackass landed less than 10 yards from me and forced me to yell for them to hold. I didn't take offense then because I was out of view and while such play is entirely inconsiderate and amateur, I had no doubt it was completely unintentional. The dude even apologized when he caught up to us waiting, and I told him not to sweat it, that it wasn't like I had a big neon sign indicating where I was off the fairway.But thus my immediate ballistics when that shot smacked near us on the green. How the fuck does one go from apologizing for an error to doing it again immediately and this time more egregiously and entirely intentionally?I figure I had three options in its immediate aftermath: ignore it; walk back up to the tee and personally return the culprit his ball by shoving it up his ass, or object vociferously. I didn't choose the first option because for better or worse I do not internalize. I vent off the excess. I did not chose the second option because of the additional delay and subsequent jail time that would have entailed. So I went with the third and if I had to do it over again I would.Your diplomatic approach educated them far better than my outburst, but I'm disappointed you felt the need to apologize to them for it. I certainly told you and our foursome mates I was sorry for the disturbance I caused, but I did so with the coda that I do not tolerate such behavior. Those bastards deserved no apology, they deserved to be ejected from the course.It does make me laugh that they called the course marshall to complain about our slowness because as you pointed out we were waiting with them for awhile and our turn at the hole did not take anywhere near as long as the foursome ahead of us, one or two of whom hit second balls. And interestingly enough while you were talking with them the marshall did make an appearance in the distance while we were walking up from our tee shots at the 7th. Observing us for a moment he drove off, satisfied there was nothing that needed his attention. Had he come down and asked us not to dawdle I would have advised him of what had been done to try and speed us up on the previous hole. Now I'm sorry he didn't.I hope what happened doesn't sour you on playing future rounds with me, but if it does I'll understand. You are correct in the ratio of Saturday morning assholes who play and maybe I'm one of them in my own way. I can live with that.

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