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Rodrigo wrote on Apr 01, 2015 08:55:

Your card is probably tied to your ccnkhieg account. The Overdraft Protection Fee ($ 10) is charged to your credit card to cover each check you write where you don't have sufficient funds to cover that check. The bank will transfer the exact amount of the check. So if you write two checks, it'll cost you $ 20. Now, also look at your ccnkhieg account agreement. There may be a fee assessed against your ccnkhieg account also for each of those checks. That can get expensive.Cash Advance: Your credit card IS NOT an ATM/DEBIT card. So, it you need cash, you go to the bank or ATM machine and draw out money from your credit card account (not your ccnkhieg account). You'll be assessed a 4% fee on the amount or $ 10, whichever is greater. Then you'll pay back the money at an extremely high interest rate. If you take out $ 1,000, it will cost your $ 40.A Convenience Check is very similar to the Cash Advance. It's a check you write against your credit card. You'll pay a smaller 3% or $ 5 fee, whichever is greater.Remember, all of these fees are not in your best interest. They are designed to get you as deep into debt with the CC company as possible so they can maximize their profit.

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