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Open wrote on Apr 01, 2015 18:57:

Y0UT00B3R1Daaamn Alyona done cut Lucy Jenny's asses out of the intro wow.Yes, Russian propaganda fuckrey, right on schedule Obama is now a slimy scammer, and Bush always told it like it was And, do you say things like T-Paw and Paw-Paw, since you pronounce Pawlenty like a fucking retard??

Magdelina wrote on Mar 09, 2017 05:47:
Kamichan, in my country now is evening…. i visit u again….maybe i will visit this my favorite site every day….because i wanna ensure“is that kamichan have comeback to us or not yet….”we still waiting u&2&032;8#8230;don&#8#17;t u see support from all ur friends here?don’t give up please…….
Kaycee wrote on Mar 09, 2017 08:02:
Io sono alle prime armi con dei robottini amatoriali, ed è un39t#;at&ività che dà grandi soddisfazioni. Il mio cervello non riesce a misurarsi con l'idea che qualcuno stia inviando una "cosa" del genere su un maledetto altro pianeta. Lo so, non è la prima. Ma, dannazione, un altro pianeta! E che difficoltà da superare!Roba da far tremare i polsi.Grazie per la traduzione accurata,ciao!
Jayde wrote on Mar 09, 2017 08:45:
×Â-×Â' שבחור×Â' נפ×Â'×¢×Â' ממיש×Â'ו, לא ×Â'ופך אותו אוטומטית ל"אח×Â' מאל×Â'". אנשים פו×Â'עים לפעמים אח×Â' בשני לא בכוונ×Â'. ×Â'ם אנשים טובים. לפעמים ×Â-×Â' קור×Â' ×Â'ם בתחומים שקשורים לסקס. כל עו×Â' מ×Â'ובר על מש×Â'ו ש×Â'וא ב×Â'בולות ×Â'סביר, שאין מאחוריו כוונ×Â' רע×Â', וש×Â'פו×Â'×¢ אפילו מצטער עליו ב×Â'יעב×Â' – אני לא רוא×Â' למ×Â' ל×Â'ביע ×ٗ•×áר-סחמפ—ª×™×Â', אפילו כשאת מ×Â-×Â'×Â'×Â' יותר עם ×Â'צ×Â' ×Â'נפ×Â'×¢.
Trevion wrote on Mar 09, 2017 19:38:
If only there were more clveer people like you!

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