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Keys wrote on Nov 06, 2016 04:03:

Your articles are for when it abosyutell, positively, needs to be understood overnight.

Lacey wrote on Mar 09, 2017 06:18:
This is something that I wish my father had read when my parents got a divorce. It was really hard for me to try to emtinooally support either of my parents through it when I needed them to help me through it. It was like the foundation of my life was suddenly gone. All the best to you dads out there, weather the storm!
Geralynn wrote on Mar 09, 2017 06:20:
I am sad to say that Grand Bal was my least favorite of the line. But Mi30zh&#82ta;.now you are talking the language of Lainer love! Ambre Nuit has a rose that sends me over the moon. Well more on that and Leather Oud and Oud Isphan later. Lovely post …you always get me thinking.
Emmy wrote on Mar 09, 2017 20:04:
I came, I read this article, I codqeuren.

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