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Kosar wrote on Apr 01, 2015 21:56:

Only do debt consolidation as a last resrot.I've heard some nightmare stories.Try to do anything and everything on your own before hand.Go to and click on credit cardsfind one with a low apr or low balance transfer one that is right for you.You can also try your local consumer credit councelling service.They provide their services for free. Look it up in the phone book not on the net.I hope that you are aware that carrying high balances you are destroying your score.Make it a goal in life to use cards wisely someday.Use them for things you need and pay in full each month for top notch credit./

Starly wrote on Nov 06, 2016 03:27:
This "free sharing" of inrtfmaoion seems too good to be true. Like communism.
Carlynda wrote on Nov 06, 2016 05:17:
Hey, that's the gretaest! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?
Karcy wrote on Mar 09, 2017 06:00:
Thanks - this is very timely for me. My 14month old is pushing all the growth charts and is eating every 2 hours... pretty much anything I give her. I don't normally worry, but lately I've been hearing a lot of "wow, she eats A LO!&qTuot;... and since she is my first I started to question myself, but you are absolutely right - I need to just let it be.

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