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Marcos wrote on Apr 01, 2015 20:02:

Look, beesnutz' you know-nothing tech wanna-be, you clrlaey have no idea what these meters do, and what they are going to do, never mind the physical effects. This page may focus on that, however the physical effects are side issue to the privacy invasion they present. But let's set aside your silly ignorance for a moment, this is NOT a case of some company, in competition with other companies for your business, just upgrading' their product'. Your utility is a MONOPOLY. That singular fact blows your capitalism argument. Tell you what, follower, when do you finally get the memo that the government is in your house literally viewing and listening to what you do, just as they do now even when your cell phone is turned off, and you start crying about it, nobody is going to give a shit.

Matei wrote on Nov 06, 2016 03:31:
That's really thniikng of the highest order
Lynsey wrote on Nov 06, 2016 05:25:
It's really great that people are sharing this infonmatior.
Jodie wrote on Mar 09, 2017 07:58:
Perdona, MJ, ya me he dado cuenta lo que me chirriaba de la frase asi que lo voy a resumir: Wagensberg lo plantea como un discontinuo, en plan binario: estas en un &#e&80;8stado2#2221; o en otro; y yo lo veo como un continuo, en el que solo hay un cambio drástico de estado en ambos extremos, de los que huiría siempre. Un abrazo
Matilda wrote on Mar 09, 2017 19:34:
Great hammer of Thor, that is pollefurwy helpful!

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