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Flash music performance

Kiara wrote on Jul 23, 2014 19:30:

This idea was suggested during the Co-creating Open Streets Event. What do YOU think of it?

Rosa wrote on Apr 01, 2015 06:45:
Hey! I'm back My laptop got buetsd and I just replaced it.Seems Vinavu is going places very happy about that.Just finished reading all the articles since Elain kangal All were good. Will send individual comments later.Let me join the hot debate.It is generally believed and partly true that suppression of the female is more in Islam. I don't understand wether is it because they are economically suppressed or is their religion or any phobia I expect our islamic friends here at the blog to voice out their opinions.On the issue of pornography, i fully agree with the author that it is one of the main reasons for violence against women. But i also feel that this society is neither open nor closed, it treats sex as a taboo at the same time glorifying it too. This makes the youth confused and people are cashing on it. Since we have Doctor.Rudharan here on debate I expect some inputs from him on this society.On the other hand i request the participants not to use harsh words or language as we are not here to hurt each other.

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