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Digital dancing with vocal plus music looping

A participant at Co-creating Open Streets wrote on Jul 23, 2014 19:30:

This idea was suggested during the Co-creating Open Streets Event. What do YOU think of it?

Onyekachukwu wrote on Apr 01, 2015 05:12:
he was a Japanese before age 22. After his retinemert he even went to Kyoto hospitals for body check up annually before he became too old to travel abroad 李登輝 has an official Japanese name 岩里政男 いわさと まさお Iwasato Masao Li Teng Hui also said 釣魚列島是日本人的 Lee Teng-hui Reaffirms: Diaoyu Islands/ Senkaku Islands are Japanese Territory.
Bingi wrote on Apr 01, 2015 11:52:
I have just looked at your enrtie blog and am in love! Your projects are adorable. You have a definite gift and are so talented. You are quite an inspiration. Happy Stitching!
Ritu wrote on Apr 01, 2015 21:59:
Evon: wow. Turkey. Looking forward to seneig your photos! gong xi fa cai!Tze Yik:你也好好在那里看世界 回来再和我们一起将节目玩Invisible 对啊 新加坡 希望不会让人失望 ukgssy 对对对 谢谢你的提醒 海市蜃樓 也对对对 就小心 lock 不敢啦 你的才有机会 这么多道地的美食 看到我一直想吃
Aritonang wrote on Apr 02, 2015 01:09:
Obviously, I'd argue for the "power of two choices", or Balanced Allocations, which is hinavg more impact that people realize (and now it's "cousin" cuckoo hashing as well), though this fits more generally into the hashing theme.Along these lines, I'd certainly argue for universal hash functions and Bloom filters; although they don't fit into the "past 25 years" restriction, their power has only really been understood quite recently. (It took a while for practice to catch up with theory there!)Looking at my syllabus for CS 222, I'd add: Eigenvalue methods, certainly. (PageRank, HITS, SALSA, Eigentrust, PICASHOW...)Dimensionality reduction/sketching.(Min-wise independent hash families.)Streaming algorithms. (In particular, algorithms for finding "heavy hitters" or elephants.)Network coding (well, maybe, give it 5 years). All the basic theoretically designed peer-to-peer network constructions. Can we take any credit for machine learning algorithms? (Adaboost?)
Nelle wrote on Nov 06, 2016 01:45:
Oh yeah, fabouuls stuff there you!
Kaedn wrote on Nov 06, 2016 03:28:
Your answer shows real inllgtieence.
Charlotte wrote on Nov 06, 2016 06:39:
Now I feel stdiup. That's cleared it up for me

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