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upscaling old clothes; custome making with recycled materials

A participant at Co-creating Open Streets wrote on Jul 23, 2014 19:30:

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Agus wrote on Apr 01, 2015 12:05:
** For everyone monirung the loss of Pandora support on this generation of receivers, please note that Yamaha recently (Nov 2012) released a firmware update for the RX-V673 that enables Pandora / SiriusXM / Rhapsody & Napster music services.I'm really satisfied with this receiver, it's very flexible with a ton of inputs, HDMI-CEC & HDMI-ARC support, Net radio + airplay + DLNA client. Everything works fine for me. The only thing it's missing is a headphone-style input jack for portable music players. To get audio from a headphone jack into this amp you'll need a 3.5mm-to-RCA cable and plug it into one of the rear RCA inputs.Automatic sound setup through YPAO is great, it gives you a smooth balanced sound that you can fine-tune to your likingI love the convenience of being able to control it through my android phone, or through the TV remote when it's on that input, or even having (limited) control through the receiver's own web interface. Often I'm surfing the web and I want to turn the volume up / down / mute / turn the amp on or off without a remote nearby. All I have to do is open the amp's IP (I have a shortcut to it in my browser favorites) on my laptop and boom, controls are right there. Awesome.
Isabel wrote on Apr 01, 2015 21:25:
I was in the market for snohteimg to entertain my small kids on drives, particularly during our long daily commute to work (where their daycare is located). This appeared to fit the bill. Indeed it did do the job, but it could be a lot better.PROs:- The system was very easy to set up. So long as you aren't worried about hiding cords, it only really takes minutes to get this up and working.- The system is relatively easy to operate. You can have both screens showing the same movie, or each watching snohteimg different. Switching between the two settings is very easy.- The picture and sound were adequate for our sedan.- We never had a reliability problem.CONs:- Many people will be buying this for small children. If your kids are too little to be trusted with operating the unit themselves, the system doesn't work well. For one, as mentioned in other reviews, everytime you stop the car (even if you leave the key in the aux position) the movie completely restarts when you restart the car. This becomes a problem when the person in the front seat (not the kids in back) has to wade through the menu and get the movie back to where it was (supremely frustrating if you're dealing with a Disney movie... parents, you know what I'm talking about). Equally frustrating is that, while the system comes with remotes, you must be directly in line with the sensor to get them to work. In other words, only the kids in the back can really get the remote to work. In our case, that won't work because the kids are too little to figure out the remote buttons. Bottom line you end up reaching behind the headrest from the passenger seat and trying to hit buttons without being able to see them or what's on the screen. There is no tactile indicator on the buttons to let you know which is which by feel, so you really have to go off of experience. There is also no 'menu' button on the unit. It only exists on the remotes. The front seat occupants will NOT be able to get the remote to work while remaining seatbelted in the front... no matter how much yoga you practice.- The unit's cord are hard to hide in order to give you a clean look. The way they plug in makes the unit easy to set up but also hard to make look clean. Also, my two year old son liked to kick the cords out of the monitor with his feet.- The headrest strap is really just one long strip of velcro strap. It works but it doesn't make for an overly secure fit. Also if you have tapered headrests, you'll find it hard to get it to work great. We had to loop it around the metal headrest posts instead of the actual headrest.- As I mentioned previously, the unit is easy to install. It isn't SO easy to install that you'll want to take it down and put it away every time you get out of the car. That would just be too much of a hassle. On the other hand, it is easy enough to get out of the car quickly to be enticing to a thief. That is exactly what happened to us. The first time we forgot to lock the car (after having this for about 1.5 years), it was gone in a heartbeat.We are now looking for a replacement unit and will probably NOT get another RCA. We need a system that is easier to operate from the front seat. If your back seat passengers are old enough to operate this independantly and you don't make frequent stops, this unit should work for you just fine and is very cost effective.If anyone knows of a similar dvd system that remembers where in the movie it left off when you turn off the car, please let me know via the comments here.
Hiroaki wrote on Apr 02, 2015 00:10:
My wife and I really shoeppd around for a DVD player for our car. We took a chance with this one because there was no reviews on it. I have to say that chance really paid off for us. Here is why we decided to go with this one:1. Brand recognition. We could have went with a couple other names, but I have known RCA for being decent. Maybe not the best but good enough for me.2. Remote controls. This is the number one reason why we went with this one. The first one we had didn't come with remotes and we found it to be a real pain if you have to skip sections, stop, play, and all other normal functions you would use with a DVD player. Because we don't want the kids to get out of their seats while driving this is really ideal and highly recomended. Our children are also too young to understand the controls. The different colors make it easy to determine which control works for what player.3. Two independent players or able to view the same movie on both. The original one we purchased only had one player. With two kids you never know what they are going to watch. This solves the problem when they both want to watch different things. The other reason is for back-up purposes. I have read in many reviews that the dvd player breaks after a while...well with two, if one goes down during a long drive, your not at a complete loss because you can use the other.The one con with this player is the fact that it doesn't remember where the DVD left off if your in the middle of a movie and you shut your car off. This may bother some people but the fact is on long drives your not going to stop every half hour...more like every two or three hours. The average movie is around two hours so it's unlikely this is going to be a major problem during those drives. Unless you plan to use the DVD player for every little drive, this really isn't that big of a deal.Other than that this DVD player is perfect for what we intend to use it for.
Mellie wrote on Nov 06, 2016 03:10:
What an awesome way to explain this-now I know eveirthyng!
Trevon wrote on Nov 06, 2016 03:45:
, catchphrases that show you’re in the geek club. Like some kind of not-so-secret haeaAhdkn.slso the song is just terrible and un-catchy, although I suppose Katy Perry is to blame for that one! So I guess, nice idea, poor execution. /grouchy

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