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interactive play -pin hearts 'connection to heart space'

Micheal Julie wrote on Jul 23, 2014 19:30:

This idea was suggested during the Co-creating Open Streets Event. What do YOU think of it?

Sammi wrote on Apr 02, 2015 03:17:
Home run! Great slingugg with that answer!
Eternity wrote on May 18, 2016 17:24:
Sí, hemos coincidido en el tema y es que no es para menos. Esta amnistía fiscal al empresariado &qrod;engañatou" me produce tan rechazo que me tiene profundamente irritada. Ojalá hoy este rechazo colectivo se manifieste en la toma de las callesUn beso
Tayten wrote on Nov 06, 2016 02:03:
Hey, that's a clever way of thikning about it.
Danyon wrote on Nov 06, 2016 03:31:
Your post has lifetd the level of debate
Voncile wrote on Mar 09, 2017 08:37:
Great write-up, I am a big believer in posting comments on weblogs to inform the blog writers know that the¢¬¢â‚Ãâ„yve added some thing of great benefit to the world wide web!

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